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- It's more convenient to use with self-checkout and unmanned systems

▲ CU convenience store in Hwangryong Library / Photo : Kim Sehwan

 Our university's Consumer Life Cooperative operates cafes, convenience stores, and vending machines in the school for the convenience of faculty and classmates. Among them, there are a total of three CU convenience stores in the Academy Hall 2nd Student Center Hwangryong Library, and in this article, let's find out about the self-checkout system and the CU convenience store in the Hwangryong Library that can be used alone.

 First of all, CU in the Hwangryong Library has a self-checkout counter, unlike the other two convenience stores. When paying at the self-checkout counter, you can pay with a payment app such as CU Byself Shinhan Paypan Payco or credit card. There is also an event that offers discounts when paying with Payco, so it would be good to use it. When using a convenience store, when purchasing a one-plus-one or two-plus-one product, you don't have to take all the products and take as much as you need, and you can keep the rest of the products. Keep Cash Bag is not available.

 Next, let's look at the unmanned system. CU's usual operating hours in the Hwangryong Library are 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, but the unmanned system has been introduced and used since last year in consideration of the test period when the library is crowded and open 24 hours a day. If you use the unmanned system at a convenience store, you can enter through QR code and credit card authentication of the pocket CU or Kakao Pay app, and you can enter and pay with CU By Self or Shinhan Paypan app, so please refer to it.

 Nam Sanghyuk (Philosophy·21), a classmate who used CU in Hwangryong Library, said, "It was good to be able to use the unmanned system at a convenience store in Hwangryong Library at night while studying in the library during the exam period. "I hope I can use the night and night unmanned system not only during the midterm exam period but also at all times," he said, expressing his good points and wishes for the unmanned system. In addition, Jung Bowoo, a teacher at the Consumer Life Cooperative, said, "If you feel any inconvenience or difficulties about the cu convenience store in the Hwangryong Library, we will try to reflect on them as much as possible and improve them."

 So far, we have looked into CU convenience stores in Hwangryong Library. Since it is located in the Hwangryong Library, one of the places our university students visit a lot. Why don't you use it when you need a break while studying? It will be a time to relieve your tired mind while studying.

Kim Sehwan

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