Korea's Meaningful November Anniversary

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- Learn More about Korea's Many Anniversaries Hidden by Pepero Day

 Usually, when we talk about November 11, we often think of Pepero Day, the day when acquaintances such as friends and lovers exchange Pepero snacks. However, in addition to Pepero Day in Korea, there are many meaningful anniversaries such as △United Nations Veterans International Memorial Day △Pedestrian Day △Farmers' Day. In this culture, let's look at the various anniversaries of Korea hidden by Pepero Day.

 First of all, UN Veterans International Memorial Day is an anniversary on November 11 every year to commemorate the sacrifice and contribution of UN veterans who fought in the Korean War and defended Korea's liberal democracy. Busan, South Korea, has the only U.N. military cemetery in the world, where many people honor the souls of veterans. At 11 p.m. on November 11 every year, the "Turn Toward Busan United Nations Veterans International Memorial Ceremony" is held at the United Nations Memorial Park. At 11 p.m. on November 11, people from all over the world are holding an event to remember and commemorate their sacrifices by bowing their heads toward Busan and paying silent tribute for a minute.

 Next, Pedestrian Day is a legal anniversary designated to promote national awareness of improving pedestrian traffic, the importance of walking, and pedestrian safety. November 11 was designated as Pedestrian Day every year by using the number 11 reminiscent of human legs. On Pedestrian Day, it emphasizes the importance of walking through the slogan ▲Add △health and safety through the establishment of advanced walking culture ▲Minus △Green transportation basics, removing greenhouse gases through daily walking, ▲Sharing △Everyone, Sharing the spread of walking culture together. In addition, on November 11 every year, an event is held to promote the improvement of pedestrian traffic and the importance of walking through the Pedestrian Day event organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

 Finally, Farmers' Day is a day to reflect on the importance of agriculture and farmers, and it is a legal anniversary with the aim of encouraging farmers' pride and reflecting on the importance of agriculture. It is said that November 11th, when 11 of the year overlaps twice, was set as Farmers' Day because soil, which is the basis of agriculture, can be divided into 10 and 1. It is also a time when farmers can celebrate and enjoy the fruits of a year's farming, after harvesting, a year of farming, so November is designated as Farmers' Day, emphasizing the importance of agriculture and farmers.

 This is how we learned about the anniversary of November in Korea. How about thinking of November 11th as a meaningful anniversary other than Pepero Day? It will be a more meaningful day if you participate in various events.

Kim Sehwan

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