Our University Volunteer Club that Shares Laughter and Happiness

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- Let's find out about Hanulhoe, Ggomzirak, and I.S.F

 Clubs, one of the dreams of many people in college life, form relationships in various fields and specialize in art or learning with their classmates. Currently, there are many kinds of clubs in our university, including academic, physical education, performance, and volunteer work. This article introduces the volunteer club.

 The volunteer club was created to share laughter and happiness for those in need, including children, teenagers, the elderly, and international students. Currently, there are a total of eight volunteer clubs at our university, including △Donghang for the elderly, △Hanulhoe for teenagers, △Good Narae for children, △I.S.F. for international students, △Dasom, △RCY, and △Tomato for various people. Each volunteer club focuses not only on helping people in need, but also on cultivating the volunteers' own character, forming ties, and promoting civic awareness. Among them, let's find out about △Hanulhoe, △Gromzirak, and △I.S.F.

 First, The △Hanulhoe was established for the purpose of properly leading the youth of the club and helping them in various ways. Hanulhoe is a federation club that belongs to the Jeonbuk Hanulhoe Federation and currently has a total of five schools, Wonkwang University, Jeonbuk National University, Wonkwang Health Science University, and Woosuk University, which are universities in Jeonbuk. Hanulhoe can even get volunteer hours by participating in federation activities, so I think it is a good place for students who are interested in helping teenagers.

 And the second △Ggomzirak is a volunteer club gathered to volunteer for infants and toddlers, and the name of Ggomzirak was created based on the phrase, "Even worms wriggle when they step on them." In Ggomzirak, they go to 'Moses Infant Care Center' located in Gaejeong-dong, Gunsan-si, on the first and fourth Saturdays of every month, and it is mainly for infants, so they play with children and clean up after they finish. In addition, the Dream Start Center, started since 2012, it is a volunteer work for elementary school students, unlike the previous infant care volunteer work, with a small number of designated members visiting the center to meet, communicate, and study with children. It would be a good place for students who like children or want to engage in related jobs.

 Finally, △I.S.F, a club that helps international students who want to improve their Korean language skills by providing Korean language classes to international students. It is a small corporation for 'International Student Fellowship'. The ISF has branches overseas as well as in each branch nationwide. Among them, Kunsan University and Jeonju University belong to the Jeonbuk branch. The Jeonbuk branch is conducting international student ministry at two universities, including Jeonju University in 2014 and Kunsan University in 2019. The ISF of Jeonju University and Kunsan University is dominated by Asian students, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, and Indonesian students, and supports academic studies and Korean cultural experiences. Unlike other clubs, ISF is a place where you can communicate with foreign students, so it will be helpful for many students as you can bond with them and see the wider world.

 Currently, there are many clubs our university, so there will be clubs in areas that you need or are interested in. However, if you are a student who enjoys the pride that can be gained as a volunteer who gives and receives help and feels affection with people, why don't you try doing volunteer work at our university volunteer club?

Lee Kyeongmin

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