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- How to search and rent books using our university library application, e-Book and Audio Book

 Our university has a total of two libraries, the Central Library and the Hwangryong Library. First, the central library is mainly a library where books, rental, or academic materials can be used. On the other hand, the Hwangryong Library is a library with a reading room-oriented learning space. In this article, let's find out how to search for books and rent books using barcodes available in two libraries in our university through the "Kunsan National University Library" app.

 First, you need to download the library app. It searches for "Kunsan National University Library" in each store of Android phones and iPhones and then downloads the app. After running the application, you log in, and the ID and password are the same as those used on the library website. After logging in, you can enter the library through the pass located in the upper right corner. After entering the library like this, find the book you want to use. When searching for books, you can quickly find the books you want to find through "Book Search" in the upper left of the application. If you enter the name of the book in the search box, detailed information such as the current location of the book and whether it is borrowed will be much more efficient to refer to it. If you have found a book, select "Book Loan" located in the upper right corner of the second page of the main screen of the Kunsan National University Library application. Afterwards, if the camera recognizes the "KUNSAN UNIV barcode" in the book, the loan is completed. When borrowing books from our university library, please contact the information desk for books with accompanying materials, and multimedia materials, reference materials, and continuous publications are not available, so please refer to this point.

 In addition, there are two other ways to use books without visiting the library in person. First, there is the △e-Book Library. E-Book, short for Electronic Book, is a new concept book made using electronic terminals, unlike books made of paper. Therefore, you can borrow books as PDF files using devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Next is the △Audio Book. Audio Book means a book that you can hear with your ears. It is a digital content designed to listen to what you read directly with the performance of a professional voice actor. You can appreciate books without reading them with your own eyes.

 So far, we have learned about book search and book rental methods using our university library application and e-Book and Audio Book. I hope this article will make the library more useful.

Koo Yoona

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