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- Let's find out about the various cultural facilities in the Jeonbuk region

 The act of living a cultural life can change repeated daily lives and give a refreshing feeling to the tired mind. In this article, let's find out about some places where you can enjoy cultural life near our university.

 First, There is ▲ The Gunsan Arts Center in the Gunsan area. The Gunsan Arts Center operates art festivals, performances, exhibitions, and seminars, and there are many performances and exhibitions that are operated every month. Second, ▲ The Bon Da Vinci Museum. This is the place to display works related to Vincent van Gogh. Works reinterpreting Van Gogh's unique painting style are on display. Finally, ▲ The Gunsan Modern Art Museum and Gunsan Modern Architecture Museum. The Gunsan Museum of Modern Art designated the bank built in 1909 as a cultural property in 2008 and restored it and used it as a modern art museum. This place has a photo exhibition of the Japanese colonial period and it exhibits photos from the days when it was used as a bank at that time. The Gunsan Museum of Modern Architecture was also described in the famous Korean novel "Takryu." Like the Gunsan Museum of Modern Art, this building was designated as a cultural property in 2008 and restored and used as a modern architecture. There is a miniature exhibition of modern buildings in Gunsan and a place where you can see Gunsan at that time through photos and videos. Gunsan Modern Art Museum and Gunsan Modern Architecture Museum are close, so it is recommended to visit at once.

 You have to go to Jeonju to enjoy a proper cultural life in Jeonbuk. This is because Jeonju has the best infrastructure for cultural facilities such as performance halls, exhibitions, and theaters in Jeollabuk-do. First, There is the ▲ Sori Arts Center of jeollabuk-do. Like the Gunsan Arts Center, This place holds various art festivals, performances, exhibitions, and seminars. The Sori Arts Center of jeollabuk-do has various styles of spaces such as Yeonji Hall, Moakdang Hall, Myeongin Hall, outdoor performance hall, and exhibition hall, so you can enjoy various cultural genres. Next, ▲ The National Jeonju Museum. The Jeonju National Museum has 40,000 cultural assets, including historical Data, calligraphy, ceramics, and craft art, as well as unique artifacts excavated and excavated in Jeollabuk-do. In addition, special exhibitions on various topics based on academic research and research activities will be held. It does not end the museum in a simple area of viewing, But provides people with opportunities for education and learning through educational programs. Above all, the Jeonju National Museum is recommended place for foreign students in our university because it introduces Korean traditional culture and Jeollabuk-do culture to foreigners through various cultural events. Besides these, There are various cultural facilities in Jeollabuk-do, so please refer to this article and enjoy it with interest in cultural life. 

Jo Jaehyun

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