Introduce the Medical Mutual Aid Business of Our University Health Clinic!

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- A healthy student who is enjoying the benefits of his career Life!

▲ Entrance to the school health clinic / Source : Yu Yeon-song

 This university contributes to health management and hygiene. On the third floor of the second student center, an on-campus health clinic was set up. The campus health clinic provides early medical treatment and prescriptions for standing medicine to Korean university students if they are injured or have health problems during school life. Health benefits, such as health counseling and physical measurement are also available. In addition, the government is pushing for a student medical mutual aid project to provide more welfare benefits. In this article, I would like to introduce the student medical mutual aid project run by the school health clinic.

 First of all, to get benefit from student medical mutual aid, you must join the Student Medical Masonic Association. It's like we're in society. Like insurance, one of the welfare benefits is to support medical expenses while in college and to contribute to the improvement of students' health. If you join the Student Medical Mutual Aid Association, you can enjoy the following benefits. First, 80 percent of the hospital treatment expenses (excluding non-payment items) can be paid up to 500,000 won per semester (up to 4 million won per semester), excluding vacation periods, and can be paid only by applying for hospital treatment during the semester. Second, they can participate in medical mutual aid projects run by school health clinics. This year, if the BMI is above 23 or the skeletal muscle mass is below the standard, it will provide at least 100,000points to 200,000points, 200,000points to those who want to quit smoking for up to six months.

 Student Medical Mutual Aid is all about Student Medical Mutual Aid. Members of the association operate on a first-come, first-served basis Sequential operation, hope to join after enjoying benefits. New students and transfer students can sign up at the time of enrollment, and students can visit on-campus health clinics to apply. Foreign students can join the Student Medical Masonic Association when they sign up for special insurance. Please refer to it. If you have any other inquiries, please call or visit our health clinic (☎469-4017).

Yu Yeonsong

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