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- Where you can see prehistoric culture and the history of our university at once

▲ Our university museum in Hwangryong Cultural Center / Source : Jo Eunsang

 Our museum, located in the Hwangryong Cultural Center is a historic place that has contributed to the development of the region through various events and has stored about 4,000 relics. In this article, we would like to find out about the exhibition in our university museum.

 The permanent exhibition halls inside our museum consist of △Prehistoric Culture Room, △History Culture Room, △Special Exhibition Room, and △Maritime Folklore of Gunsan Room, according to the viewing order. First, the Prehistoric culture room exhibits relics from the Paleolithic period to the Unified Silla period, which were investigated in Gunsan. You can see the lifestyle and social changes of ancient Gunsan through △fist ax, a relic of the ▲Paleolithic Age, △comb-patterned earthenware from the ▲Neolithic Age, and a △half-moon stone knife from the ▲Bronze Age. In the History Culture Room, relics related to the daily life of the people are exhibited, including Household goods from the Goryeo period to the Japanese colonial period, and real things, including Goryeo celadon salvaged from a celadon carrier that sank in 2003. In addition, you can directly see and feel the sad history of Gunsan, which served as an outpost for Japanese occupation during the Japanese colonial period. In the Special exhibition room, finds from the eastern part of Jeollabuk-do, which have achieved many results through excavations conducted by the University Museum are exhibited. You can imagine our region’s ancient culture and history through the earthenware and ironware excavated from ruins such as △Jangsu Samgori, △Sambong-ri, △Dongchon-ri tombs, etc. The Maritime Folklore of Gunsan Room exhibits fishing gear and relics related to coastal life from the past of Gunsan, which has been with the sea for a long time. Also, you can learn about the maritime culture and folk beliefs of Gunsan through audio-visual materials related to maritime folk beliefs. The University History Museum which is next to the permanent exhibition hall was opened in 2007 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the school. You can see the history from Gunsan Normal School in 1947 to today's Gunsan University through photos and datas. In the outdoor exhibition area, folklore items such as Jangseung, stone mortar are mainly on display. You can watch it regardless of exhibition time.

 In this article, we learned about the exhibition at our university museum. If you have time, how about taking the time to visit our university museum and learn about our area and university?



Jo Eunsang

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