Korean Desserts in Vogue in Korea

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- Let's find out about Greek yogurt, croffle, and salt bread

 There is a lot of development in dessert culture in Korea. There is even a saying, "A separate stomach for rice and a separate stomach for dessert." This means that no matter how much you eat, there is still a space in stomach for dessert. Just by looking at our university, you can see classmates who naturally go around drinking beverage desserts after meals. In this article, let's find out about desserts that come to mind in Korea.

▲ Salt bread / Source : Koo Yoona

 First, there is ▲ salt bread. Salt bread is a bread made by putting butter in the dough and sprinkling salt on the outside of the bread, and it starts by sprinkling salt on the bread to supplement the salt released by sweat in hot weather. It is one of the desserts that comes to mind in Korea as the bread is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside with butter. Recently, new menus have been created that add various ingredients to salt bread. It is one of the desserts that is consistently loved by the launch of menus that combine various ingredients, including basil salt bread with basil sauce, glaze salt bread with sugar melted and sprinkled on bread, and Daepakrim cheese salt bread with Daeppakrim cheese.

▲ Croffle / Source : Koo Yoona

 Next, there is the ▲ croffle. Croffle is a combination of "crawasang" and "waffle," and is a dessert made by baking moist croissant raw paper in a waffle pan. Various syrups, cheese, or ice cream are added to the croffle. It is one of the friendly desserts that can be easily enjoyed at home as long as there is a croissant and a waffle pan. Most people enjoy the combination of eating sweet croffles with coffee. Croffle also combines with various ingredients to create new menus day by day. For example raw strawberry whipped cream croffle and injeolmi croffle.

 Finally, ▲ Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a yogurt that is made and eaten in a traditional way in the Mediterranean coast, and it is made only by fermenting crude oil without artificial additives. It is one of the most popular desserts for many people who take care of their health with abundant lactobacillus and protein. At first, Greek yogurt was eaten only as a snack, but recently, fruits or granola were put in Greek yogurt and eaten as a meal. You can buy it on the market, but there is a way to make it relatively quickly using a rice cooker at home, so refer to this and make a Greek yogurt and put your favorite ingredients on top to make your own dessert.

 So far, we've looked into Korean desserts. In addition, there are many desserts, such as kaimak and Basque cheesecake. Recently, there are many ways to make desserts at home on the Internet, so why don't you refer to them and make delicious and healthy desserts?


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