Our dormitory's fitness center opens again

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- Good news for students living in a dormitory who had difficulty using sports facilities due to COVID-19

▲ Dormitory's fitness center / Source : Lee Kyeongmin

 Still, it is difficult to enjoy various gatherings and leisure life due to COVID-19. Therefore, many people are suffering from psychological immunity such as deep depression and lethargy, and physical immunity decreases as it becomes difficult to exercise. Students living in our university's dormitory have also experienced inconvenience because of the closure of the fitness center due to COVID-19. In particular, there must have been many students who did not exercise at all because they had to go further to exercise because it was not easy to exercise in narrow dorm room. On May 3 this year, the dorm fitness center was resumed by the student dormitory, relieving the inconvenience of the students.

 Currently, the fitness center is divided into a table tennis court, a gym using exercise equipment, and a place where you can exercise or stretch your body. The table tennis court has three table tennis tables in a large space, so many students can enjoy it. Also, table tennis is an extracurricular program for living in dormitory students, so even beginners who are new to table tennis can easily learn and enjoy it. The fitness center where you can exercise using exercise equipment is equipped with aerobic exercise equipment and anaerobic exercise equipment. There is also sufficient equipment, so many students can use it conveniently and smoothly. Finally, the large space equipped with a mirror is a space where you can do exercise without equipment, stretching, and rest, and is a good place to warm up your body when you start and finish exercising. There is also an automatic cup washing sterilizer and a water purifier on one side of the space, so you can easily replenish moisture during exercise. Um Chang-hyeop, a student who uses the fitness center, said, "Novice athletes are not familiar with the equipment and are reluctant to exercise because it is difficult to access it, but our center was good because there easy-to-use equipment."

 Still, exercise that can evoke our lives is essential when we feel many negative emotions due to the absence of many activities caused by COVID-19. Why don't we use a fitness center for our students living in our university's dormitory and improve the quality of life by enhancing both psychological and physical immunity?


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