If it's Your First Time Living Alone

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- Let's find out what students who live alone need

 As the new semester begins, Students are attending school in their own ways. Some students go to school while staying in dormitories and live alone near school. Some of them commute from home. Students who commute to school will not feel uncomfortable because they have things they need at home, but those students who live in dormitories often feel uncomfortable if they are lack of things they need. In this article, let's find out some useful items for students living alone or in dormitories.

 First, there is a multi-tap. Multi-tab is one of the most important things when you live alone or in a dormitory. It would be nice to have a cord connected to the desk or bed, but there are many cases where you feel uncomfortable because there are not enough lines or cable to just connect and write. In that case, having a multi-tap will solve the inconvenience to some extent. If you have a 3M-long multi-tab, there is no shortage of length, and it is convenient to carry more than two.

 The second is wet tissue. Wet wipes are very useful, starting with wiping the floor, and it is also great for cleaning window frames, spilled drinks, and food debris. Living rooms and dormitories are often cleaned with wet wipes because the number of rooms is small and the space is not large. Wet tissues are also sold at convenience stores and Daiso in front of the school, so you can easily get them.

 Third, there is a hanger. If you live alone or live in a dormitory, you have to do the laundry regularly, hang it on the drying rack after doing the laundry, but as the drying rack takes up space, you will feel uncomfortable. However, in the case of a hanger, it can play two roles at the same time, which is for hanging and drying, so it relieves inconvenience.

 Fourth, there is a hole. If the toilet gets clogged somehow, there is a real problem. In particular, there are cases where the toilet is clogged because sometimes it is used to dispose food waste. So it's better to buy a food waste bin in advance. In addition, it is recommended to buy a piston type because the basic adsorption type may be unpleasant due to a lot of water splashing.

 Finally, there is an emergency medicine. If you live alone and feel sick, you won't be so sad. Therefore, it is better to prepare emergency medicine in advance. In particular, let's prepare cold medicine, digestive medicine, and antidiarrheal medicine.

 In this article, we looked at the items needed for students who live alone or living in dormitories. However, if you live alone, you may feel liberated by independence, but you may become lazy, so you have to live with a goal every day. If you achieve small goals in your life, you will have your own life rhythm. Rather than starting with a vague romance, finding out information and planning in advance will help you live a better independent life.

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