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- Hope to get experience by joining in various contest activities

 Many contests are being held at Our university in Gunsan. Starting with photo contests and video contests, there are various categories of contests. And this article will show about the <Kunsan National University Video (YouTube) Contest> and the <Saemangeum Video Content Contest>.

▶ First, let's see the <Kunsan National University Video (YouTube) Contest>

 Our university's foreign cooperation headquarters will hold the Kunsan National University Video (YouTube) Contest from September 5th to 18th. It will hold to share the daily lives of many people through our university's official SNS. People who are interested in our university and related to our university can apply for the contest. Any content related to our university is fine. Individuals or teams can participate, and one work per team is restricted. Applications can be accepted by the 18th by filling out and attaching video files, consent forms, and work manuals, including applications for participation through e-mail ( Details of references and inquiries can be found through the notice on our university's website, and telephone inquiries can be made through the Foreign Cooperation Headquarters (☎ 063-469-7319).

▶ Lastly, let's see some <Saemangeum Video Content Contest>.

 The Saemangeum Development Agency will hold a contest for various creative video content on the theme of Saemangeum until October 7. This was designed to broaden the public's consensus on the Saemangeum project and to have an opportunity to communicate closely with young people who are familiar with video. Anyone interested in Saemangeum can participate in the contest, and individuals or teams can participate. The subject of the video is related to the Saemangeum and it is limited to a length within 3-5 minutes. It will also be posted on the Saemangeum Development Agency's YouTube channel through expert screening. Applications can be submitted by e-mail (, including the application form and related documents. For more information, please refer to the Saemangeum Development Agency website.

 In addition to this, contests for many people are held every season at our universities and Gunsan City. I hope it will be an opportunity to participate in various contest activities to gain experience and find one's way.

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