Mamingcheon Decided to Study Abroad at Our University for his Dream

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- University life in Korea from the perspective of international students

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Q. Please introduce yourself first.

 My name is Mamingcheon from China. I am currently studying as an undergraduate in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at our university.


Q. What kind of studies did you come to our university?

 First of all, I decided to study abroad in Korea because I wanted to experience Korean culture such as Korean people's: lifestyle , eating habits , customs, and working methods in Korea. Also, I thought that education in China could not satisfy all the knowledge I need. There are many world-famous departments in foreign countries, so I think I can learn many things that I didn't learn in China. Among them, I decided to study abroad in Korea because the teaching method was not very different from China, so I thought I could show my specialty better.


Q. What was the most impressive event at our university?

  I got to know many Korean students and students from other countries. I remembered that all of our university classmates were passionate and friendly with Chinese people and went to the park with them to see cherry blossoms, while taking a walk, and chatting.


Q. Isn't life hard in Korea?

 Although living in Korea is not as easy as living in China, I am happy to learn knowledge that I cannot be learned in China. In addition, it is fun and enjoyable to get to know students from different countries.


Q. Lastly, if you have anything to say to international students, please feel free to say it.

 International students who wish to study abroad may have a lot of worries, but I want to say that if they have the will to study, they should study hard. I hope you often contact your family and try hard to meet your parents' expectations so that they will not worry for you being faraway with them. Everyone can overcome difficulties and keep moving forward, so I hope you'll be active in anything!


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