The Book Lending Rankings of Our University Library

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- I hope you read the book even if it's hard to read

 There are two libraries in our university, where we can borrow books. They are the Hwangryong Library and the Central Library. The news we'll be looking at today is the loan ranking of the Hwangryong Library and its introduction to the book. First, the book 'Oedipus King' (Sophocles) was chosen as the most borrowed book by students. Michael Sendel's "What is Justice" took second place, followed by Ewan's "Spirit King Elquines" in third place, Koga Fumikage et al. in fourth place, and Niccolo Machiavelli's "Monarchy Theory" in fifth place. Now, let's take turns to find out what are the contents of the books.

 First, let's talk about Sophocles' King of Oedipus. King Oedipu book contains Antigone, Aias, and Traquis Women. Sophocles won the highest respect for his profound portrayal of the complex and contradictory experiences of the 5th century BC and his completion of the Greek tragedy in many ways, including technique and form. The book contains four works that feature outstanding composition, detailed description, and profound theme consciousness.

 Next is Michael Sendel's What is Justice. It is based on "JUSTICE," a class actually taught at Harvard by Professor Sandel, and he is still considered one of the most popular and influential lectures at Harvard University. They also critically examine what great thinkers thought of 'justice' under the theme of thought experiments such as real problems such as bailouts, recruitment, and surrogate births, as well as off-route trams and tests to measure the cost of suffering.

 Next is 'Elquines, the Spirit King.' The book is a Korean fantasy novel, which is divided into two parts, and the first part tells the story of taking risks and stopping the birth of evil spirits. Based on the 9th volume of the old edition and the 14th volume of the revised edition, the 1st part ends, and the 2nd part deals with the story of trying to save the soul of Lapis Lasley, who was sacrificed in the process of preventing the birth of evil spirits. Elquines travels in time to the past, becomes a human named Elle, finds Lapis' soul in a gap in the dimension, and the story ends.

 Fourth, it is the "courage to be hated" by the expensive Fumikage and one other person. "The Courage to Be Hated" is a book by Japanese No. 1 philosopher Ichiro Kishimi on Adler's psychology and best-selling author Fumitake Koga, which organizes Adler's psychology easily and deliciously in a "conversational style." A philosopher who studied psychology and a young man who is negative and inferior to the world have met five times to find answers to the question. Everyone is curious about how to live a happy life.

 Finally, Machiavelli's 'monarchism'. Machiavelli argues in this book that a monarch must sometimes use martial arts to gain and maintain power, and must not hesitate to commit evil acts. At that time, Italy was divided into large and small countries and fought with each other, and was repeatedly plagued by aggression by powerful countries. The book contains Machiavelli's desire to unify Italy and liberate it from foreign domination by the appearance of a powerful monarch. Above all, it is evaluated as a book that laid the foundation for modern political science by breaking taboos and presenting the concept of 'real politics'.

 These books looked into the books that students borrowed the most. Even in situations where it is difficult to read books, I hope you find out about these popular books in advance and try to read them one by one.

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