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- Learn about study activities and scholarships

 Midterm exams are over, and May has arrived. Students who have recovered their bodies that have been withdrawn due to Corona are enjoying campus activities in different ways. You can also see students studying for self-improvement. However, if you study alone, there is no one you can depend on, and if you do not have a clear motivation and goal, you can easily failed. So, this time, I would like to introduce several benefit series in progress at our university.

 First, there is a ▲Language scholarship. Language scholarships include scholarships with excellent foreign language proficiency, which are given to those who have achieved excellent grades in △English (TOEFL, TOEIC), △Japanese (JPT, JLPT), △Chinese (HSK), and △German (ZD, ZMP). Representatively, in English, △TOEIC score of 830 or higher for majors, 800 points or higher for non-majors. In japanese, △JPT score for majors is over 830 points, and over 800 points for non-majors in Japanese. In chinese, △HSK level 5 in Chinese: 240 points or higher for majors, non-majors must obtain 210 points or higher. The last in German, △ZD, Start Deutsch majors must obtain ZD or higher, and non-majors must obtain Start Deutsch 2 or higher scores. It should be noted that the amount of payment is the same for all 800,000 won, and the number of scholarship payments is only once per area during the period of enrollment.

 The second is ▲Hwangryong Tutoring. ▲Hwangryong Tutoring is a program to improve interest and motivation in subjects and to increase solidarity and bond between seniors and juniors. The team consists of △1tutor and △4tutees. The qualifications for a △tutor are those who have taken the subject or a similar subject in the semester and have a grade of A or higher in the subject, are enrolled in 2nd-4th grade. They should have been recommended by the professor in charge of the subject. Hwangryong Tutoring operates at least once a week for 2 hours or more, for a total of 10 weeks, and the weekly learning activity report and final report must be submitted as related documents. Afterwards, Hwangryong Tutoring will be evaluated, and the 1st best team will receive a prize of 250,000 won, and the 2nd excellent team will receive 150,000 won. Students selected for Hwangryong Tutoring will earn 5 mileage points per participation, KRW 200,000 per team as an activity support fund, and 20 scholarship mileage points will be awarded upon completion of the program.

 Lastly, there is ▲UP&RISE. ▲UP&RISE is held at our university's Hwangryong Talent Education Center and it is aimed at students who have difficulties in their studies or who are likely to receive academic warnings. UP&RISE consists of a mentor and a mentee, and through this program, the mentee can learn a learning habit through peer learning with the mentor and get an opportunity to improve their grades. UP&RISE's △mentor application must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the previous semester, and △mentee must have a GPA of 2.8 or lower in the previous semester. Participants will receive an activity support fee of KRW 200,000 per team and will be awarded 20 scholarship mileage points upon completion of the program.

 We found three things in this way. The mileage mentioned above is 1,000 won per point, and scholarships are provided from 200 points. I hope that students who are pursuing the same goal through various programs rely on each other to achieve their goals and spend their college life more fully through the One stone Two birds program, where they can receive school scholarships.

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