An Invisible Crime, Illegal Filming

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- How to respond to illegal filming crimes

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 In the past, you had to carry bulky equipment to capture various phenomena in your eyes, but now you can get the results you think through a small cell phone. Most people use it because it can record video and has quality of good specifications. In addition, the mute function allows you to take pictures without disturbing others. However, the offense of using these functions in a bad way is becoming bolder as time goes by, and the number crime is increasing rapidly. This illegal act is the Illegal filming.

 This Illegal filming began in the ‘Nth room’ incident in 2020. Illegal filming is an action of filming or being photographed a person without permission. Illegal filming crimes leave huge physical and psychological scars on victims, harassing them for a long time. Among them, the psychological damage suffered by the victims will be greater than we can imagine. You may have to carry the trauma and scars for the rest of your life. Video leaks on social media can cause problems in human relationships, as well as a fear of going to public places such as toilets or subway stations, which can cause great disruption in daily life.

 So, how do you deal with illegal filming? It is not easy to completely prevent illegal filming. However, the most important thing is to take action. Reporting to authority is one of the best thing to do. First, if you suspect of illegal filming, report it to ☎112 or the local police station, asks help for safety, and secure a witness who can testify to the fact. Since the suspects often run away, it is also good to record the characteristics of the perpetrator, such as the way they look. Illegal filming can also be distributed online, so if you find a photo online, you can report it to the nearest police station or the National Police Agency cyber after securing evidence.

 This is how I discovered illegal filming. Illegal filming occurs without awareness. It is difficult to prevent in advance, and it is a crime that can happen to anyone. These days the society, illegally filmed and circulated videos are being consumed like pornography. If you have been harmed, you may be in despair and pain, or just bewildered or angry. So, if you know someone, who is victimized with this illegal act, we have to support them so we can have courage to overcome. To avoid feeling guilty, just say it's not the victim's fault. It will be a great help if you support the victim when he or she has difficulty to recover. Instead of forcing or urging them to take the difficult steps. Support the victim when they feel anxious.

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