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- You have to have courage to make Korean friends

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1. Hello. Please introduce yourself first.

 Hello, I'm! I'm from Taiwan. I'm a little outgoing, so I like to get along with people.


2. How did you come to Korea to study?

 I came to Korea because I love Korean culture and food. And I had a lot of fun time learning Korean, so I decided to study in Korea because I was curious about its various aspects.


3. What are the difficulties of living in Korea?

 I'm outgoing, so I like to make friends. However, I am having a hard time making Korean friends. If I have a chance, I would like to make many Korean friends.


4. What are your hobbies in Korea these days?

 I usually spend time playing games at home because I can't do outdoor activities well due to COVID-19.


5. What is the difference between Korean and Taiwan life?

 The weather is completely different. And there are student restaurants here, but there are no student restaurants in Taiwan. Also, when Korean students go to class, they always dress well and look neat. On the other hand, Taiwanese students like to wear slippers when they go to class.


6. Lastly, please give advice to other students who are considering to study in Korea.

 You must have courage and start talking to Korean students first. This way, I think I can make a lot of friends.


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