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- The best educational institution leading lifelong education in the community

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 Our university provides scholarship benefits as well as affiliated facilities and various programs to improve the academic ability of our university students. In addition, our university has a lifelong education center, a facility for lifelong learning for residents of Gunsan-si. In this article, we will learn about the Lifelong Education Center, an affiliated facility of our university.

 First, the Lifelong Education Center is the best educational institution that leads lifelong education in the local community, and various courses are operated for local residents. There are lectures in various fields, such as art psychology counselor certificate, reading discussions, handling musical instruments such as saxophone and cello, and model walking. Courses can be selected day and night, and are held for three hours a week. The number of students varies from 5 to 25, so you can refer to the website of the Lifelong Education Center for accurate information.

 There are three ways to sign up for the course. First, there is the Internet reception method. After logging in to our university's integrated information system, click on the course registration on the left banner and proceed with the payment. Next, there is telephone reception. For this, you can call the lifelong education center's phone number (☎469-4915 to 7, 4921), sign up for the course, and proceed with the payment. Finally, there is a reception. You can visit the administrative office of the Lifelong Education Center, register for a course, and proceed with the payment. In the case of new students, they must sign up for membership in our university's integrated information system and select one of the above application methods.

 So far, we have looked into the Lifelong Education Center, an affiliated facility of our university. Oh Yeon-pung, director of Lifelong Education, said, "I hope you will come to Kunsan National University Lifelong Education Center at any time and become the future protagonist who leads the change of the times." Not only local residents, but also general students attending our university can take the course, so I hope you will participate with a lot of interest. We hope to become our university students and local residents who live a pioneering life that creates their own future in line with the changing world.



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