Gunsan Cherry Blossom Season and Attractions

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- Let's feel the spring in gunsan

 Many transfer students from freshmen are crowded at our university, and the warmer spring weather makes us feel that the new semester has begun. I would like to introduce Gunsan cherry blossom attractions to classmates who have not been able to properly enter the new semester due to COVID-19. According to Weather Eye Site, the cherry blossom season this year is expected to be 5 to 13 days earlier than usual. Among them, Jeonbuk is expected to be around March 22. It would be nice to go see the cherry blossoms in consideration it takes about a week to fully bloom. Then, where is Gunsan's cherry blossom spot?

 First, ▶ Eunpa lake Park is a good place to stay for a long time and see cherry blossoms. Eunpa Lake Park, located in Naun-dong, is usually crowded with people at Eunpa Lake. Especially when cherry blossoms bloom, not only Gunsan citizens but also people from outside Gunsan gather in crowd. It will be good to enjoy spring if you walk along the cherry blossom path while looking at Eunpa Lake.

 Next is the Susi Tower of Wolmyeongsan Mountain (Wolmyeong Park). Wolmyeongsan Mountain, located in Haemang-dong, Gunsan-si, is a mountain as its name suggests, but it is not high, so you can reach the summit by walking up for about 15 minutes. The advantage is that you can walk up according to your choice because there are slopes where you can climb quickly and stairs that are easy to climb. From the top of the mountain, you can see cherry blossoms along with the West Sea. There is also a monument to the March 1st Movement in Sea Sculpture Park at the top, so it would be nice to enjoy it together.

 Next is ▶ Gunsan Gymnasium. As it is a large place, it is good to see cherry blossoms, and in the past, festivals were used to be held here, but they have not been held due to the recent coronavirus situation.

 Lastly, there is ▶ Gunsan Reservoir. Located in Oksan-myeon, Oksanje is a course along Gunsan circumferential road. As it is a circumferential road, students who like to walk are recommended to go. If you can't go to these attractions, you don't have to be disappointed. This is because cherry blossom trees are also located at ▶Kunsan national university. It will be different and meaningful for classmates who have not been able to come to school much due to COVID-19 to feel spring while walking around the school.

 It would be good to visit cherry blossom attractions at least once for ventilation of life, but there are things to remember. Although COVID-19 has become familiar, efforts such as wearing a mask at all times and maintaining an appropriate distance between people are essential because it should never be neglected to prevent from catching the virus. 


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