Dao Huong Giang, an international student who gained a lot from Korea

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- Make the right choice before studying abroad

Dao Huong Giang / Source: Dao Huong Giang

1. Hello. Please introduce yourself first.

 Hello, I'm Dao Huong Giang, a 4th grader in the Department of Trade at Kunsan National University. I'm 25 years old, and I'm from Vietnam.


2. Is there a reason you chose Korea out of all the countries?

 I chose Korea because I have often watched Korean dramas since before, and I thought Korea is a beautiful country and a country with many delicious foods. And Korea's history and culture have many similarities with Korea. In addition, Korea and Vietnam are not far away, so it is good to visit your family easily every vacation.


3. Did you have any inconveniences or comforts while studying abroad?

 The most inconvenient thing was the language problem. When I first came to Korea, I had a lot of trouble living because my Korean was poor. And I was often sick because I was not used to the cold winter weather in Korea. I think it was the most difficult time out of the four years of studying abroad. In addition to the inconvenience, of course, there were good things during my study in Korea. You can know and communicate fluently in a language other than your mother tongue, and make many foreign friends in Korea. And it was nice to eat a lot of delicious food and experience various Korean cultures.


4. Tell us an interesting story about studying abroad.

 The most interesting thing for me is that I communicate with my foreign friends completely in Korean. We can't talk as perfectly as real Koreans, but strangely, Koreans understand exactly what we're talking about. Once, I went to eat with a Chinese friend, and the boss asked me why I was talking in Korean when we were both foreigners. We are students from different countries, and I think the boss asked because he thought we were talking in Korean, not our mother tongue.


5. Lastly, please say a word to students in your country who are considering studying in Korea.

 For students in their own country who are considering studying in Korea, please make the best choice for them. Studying in Korea has given me many unforgettable experiences and beautiful memories. I wish you all the best in your future.

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