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- From fair trade coffee to distinctive cafes


▲ Cafe 'Old Brick' / Photo : Kim Sehwan

 ‘Fair trade coffee’ refers to coffee purchased by directly paying a reasonable price to coffee farmers in the third world (developing countries) without going through multinational companies or middlemen. There is also a cafe called ‘African Coffee Chocolate’ in our region that sells fair trade coffee. In addition, there are many distinctive cafes in our region. In this article, let's learn about African coffee chocolate and distinctive cafes called △‘Old Brick’ △‘Mizu Coffee’ on modern history streets.

 First, there are a total of five ‘African Coffee Chocolates’ in our region, and the cafe in Jochon-dong is the headquarters. This cafe is the only one in the country that sees the condition of coffee and conducts a fair trade in Africa (△Kenya △Ethiopia △Tanzania △Zimbabwe △Rwanda △Malawi). In addition, the △roasting factory △Barista Academy △Chocolatier Academy △Distribution Center is striving for youth education and vocational education in the local community. Business hours vary slightly from branch to branch, so please be careful of this.

 Next, ‘Old Brick’ is a large-scale warehouse-type cafe created by renovating unused cafes. Since it is a large-scale warehouse-type cafe, it can accommodate a large number of people at once, and it can be easily found on the side of the road opposite the Museum of Modern Culture and History. In particular, one part of the outer wall is made of transparent glass, so the exterior in the evening is beautiful. Inside, the distance between the high floor height and the seat is wide, so you can enjoy a drink while listening to atmospheric music.

 Finally, ‘Mizu Coffee’ is a cafe currently operated by ‘Mizu Trading’ a trading company established at the time of Japanese colonial era. After being changed to Mizu Coffee, the first floor inside the cafe is in the form of a table, and the second floor consists of a book cafe composed of tatami rooms, a traditional flooring material used in Japan. It is decorated with flower decorations, paintings, and props, so it is recommended to visit Mizu Coffee and relax while enjoying various paintings and props.

 In this way, we learned about the distinctive cafes in our region. A more beautiful coffee culture will be formed if we use fair trade coffee to help people in the third world than ordinary coffee we drink. Also, why don't you visit several distinctive cafes and enjoy cultural life? It will be a time to relieve fatigue for oneself who was tired of studying during the semester. 

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