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- Let’s find out about TOPIK and EPS-TOPIK

 At our university, there are many international students who choose to study abroad for their studies. This article deals with test information that can help foreign students studying abroad in Korea.

▲ TOPIK / Source : TOPIK examination application site

 First, there is ▶TOPIK. TOPIK is a Korean proficiency test for overseas Koreans and foreigners who do not speak Korean as their first language, who wish to study in Korea, Korean companies and public institutions at home and abroad, and who are enrolled or graduated from foreign schools. TOPIK aims to expand the presentation of Korean language learning directions and distribution of Korean by overseas Koreans and foreigners who do not speak Korean as their first language, measure and evaluate their domestic universities. In addition, TOPIK is mainly used for admission and graduation of domestic universities and graduate schools of foreigners and overseas Koreans, employment at domestic/foreign companies and public institutions, and acquistion of residence visas such as permanent residency/employment. The TOPIK is valid for two years from the date of the grade announcement, so please refer to this.

▲ EPS-TOPIK / Source : EPS-TOPIK examination application site

 Next is ▶EPS-TOPIK. EPS-TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test under the employment permit system, which can be used as an objective selection criterion when preparing a list of foreign job seekers by evaluating foreign job seekers’ Korean proficiency and understanding of Korean society. The purpose is to promote adaptability to Korean life by inducing those with a basic understanding of Korea to enter the country. EPS-TOPIK aims to evaluate the basic communication skills necessary for daily life in Korea. The ability to speak Korean is necessary in industrial sites, and the understanding of Korean corporate culture. In the first test, the reading and listening tests are taken, and then the second practical and interview tests are conducted based on the first successful students. EPS-TOPIK is also valid for two years from the date of the report, so please refer to this.

 So far, we have learned about test information that can help international students. Please refer to this article and enjoy a smooth study abroad life in Korea.

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