Experience Activities for Winter in Korea

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- Gimjang, Ice fishing, Sleddding

Korea is a country with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Therefore, there are various things to enjoy, eat, and see in each season. This article introduces various experience activities that can be enjoyed in winter.

▲ Gimjang / Source : NAVER

▶ First, there is a ‘Gimjang’ experience activity. The representative food in Korea is definitely ‘kimchi’. Gimjang is made by making kimchi, and in late autumn. A lot of Korean cabbages or radishes are soaked in salty water and washed. They are mixed with seasoning such as red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and so on, then fermented them. Every winter, you can see families gathering at each house to make kimchi. It has been handed down for a long time, and gimjang has established as a unique culture in Korea. In order to promote this culture, gimjang experience activities are often conducted in each region in winter. Recently, there is a gimjang recipe kits on the internet so you can simply prepare it at home. It is also used in kindergartens or elementary education institutions for children’s learning purposes.

▲ Ice fishing / Source : NAVER

▶ Next, there is an ‘Ice fishing’ experience activity. Ice fishing is to make a hole in frozen ice in winter and put a fishing rod in it to catch fish that bite the bait. Most of the ice fishing routes catch trout or smelt. Trout caught in this way is eaten as sashimi ar as sashimi salad. Smelt is usually fried in oil and eaten as fried food. In addition, you can catch it using a net, and there is also a bare-handed experience.

▲ Sledding / Source : NAVER

▶ Lastly, there is a ‘Sledding’ experience activity. Sledding is sledding on snow in winter. In the professionally operated sledding slope, items are available to rent equipments and clothing necessary for sledding. The sledding slope is a limited scale experience space, and people sled in row waiting for their turn. Even if it is not a sledding slope, people can see winter with boxes or plastic bags on icy roads in a quiet space in the neighborhood, or with snow sledding equipment made of plastic.

 So far, we have looked into Korea’s winter experience activities. Experience activities that can be enjoyed in winter will help you have a pleasant winter.

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