The Pride of Our University, ‘Saehaerim’

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- Learn about ‘Saehaerim’

▲The ship 'Saehaerim' / Source : Our University Photo Gallary

 Unlike other universities, our university has majors related to the ocean. There are various majors, such as marine production system major, aquatic life medicine, marine life science, etc. There are various educational systems such as fish farms and marine fisheries training centers for students majoring in the ocean. In this article, I would like to introduce the practice ship ‘Saehaerim’ of the Maritime University.

 The ship ‘Saehaerim’ is a trawler training ship that was completed in 2019. It was completed to deal with various basic studies on boarding education, training, fisheries, and the ocean, such as sailing and engine training in the coastal and deep sea areas of some of our college students majoring in maritime science. Through ‘Saehaerim’, students receive various education such as fishing, operational science, radio navigation, fingerprint navigation, astronomical navigation, etc. Engineer) will prepare for obtaining a license. We had a training ship called 'Haerim' before 'Saehaerim', but the difference from 'Saehaerim' is that safety equipment, research equipment, and educational equipment were installed on the 'Saehaerim' in a more advanced form.

 The scale of 'Saehaerim' is 2,996 tons, about three times larger than the previous training ship, with a total length of 96.45m, the maximum capacity is 110 people, and the sailing speed has been further improved to 14 knots. In addition, safety features have been improved as well, the corridors have been widened to make it easier to escape, and the barrier that prevents water from flowing to other parts when the ship is submerged has been strengthened. There were also developments in various systems, including an integrated evaluation system for multi-functional navigation practice and engine training, as well as a ▲scientific fish detector, a ▲high-frequency omnidirectional sonar a ▲trawl monitoring system, a ▲water temperature salinity measurement/sintering device, and an ▲ultrasonic current observation device. In addition, for the first time in Korea, a ship control 'simulator room' was created on board improving the educational conditions for students.

 Various spaces exist for the study and convenience of classmates starting with the 1st and 2nd classrooms, ▲trainee lounge, ▲dining room, ▲office cafeteria, ▲shower room, ▲physical training room, ▲trainee room, etc. Various are prepared In case of an emergency, ▲lifeboats, ▲liferafts, ▲life jackets, ▲lifebuoys, and ▲fire extinguishers are prepared.

 Students majoring in the ocean through ‘Saehaerim’ conduct 275 days of anchoring practice and 90 days of embarkation practice every year in Korea and abroad. If you get a chance, it would be good to go and see the ‘Saehaerim’, the pride of our university.



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