Another name for the Korean season. Jeolgi.

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- About the 24 seasons in spring, summer, fall, and winter

 Since Korea is located in the northern hemisphere, it is a country with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, in Korea, there are 24 different names depending on the characteristics of each season. These are called 24 seasons. Today, we will learn about another season name in Korea, the 24 seasons.

 The order of seasons are in the order of spring, summer, fall, and winter, and first, the four seasons are divided based on the beginning of each season, Ipchun, Ipha, Ipchun, and Ipdong, and the rest of the seasons are entered.

 Starting with Ipchun, the 24th season begins. Ipchun, which begins on February 4, means the beginning of spring. Next is Woosu. Woosu is about two weeks after Ipchun, which means spring rain and sprouts. It is said that it is a period when plants greet spring as spring rain falls. And now, in earnest, there will be a day called Chip in March, when the spring season is approaching. This Gyeongchip means that spring comes and frogs who hibernated wake up. Since then, the day of spring equinox has come, and the day time is shorter, which had been shortened in winter, and has begun to be prolonged again. It is said that the day of Cheongmyeong and Gokwoo comes, and these days are the day when farmers prepare for farming and the day when farming costs fall. This is how the spring season ends.

 In summer, the seasons begin with Ipha. As the name suggests, Ipha means that spring season passes and summer begins. This summer begins and full-scale farming begins, and this time is called Soman. After that, for about two weeks after preparation for farming, the seeds have to be sown and to be grown. And it was named Mangjong. Since then, the longest day has come, and starting from this day, the day begins to shorten again and it is called to do so. Afterwards, Soseo and Daeso pass by, and in these two seasons are said to be the hottest days of the year.

 After summer, autumn begins with Ipchu coming. After that, Cheoseo comes, autumn begins, and dew falls. As the autumn leaves change colors and fall. This day is called egret. As the weather gets colder, we prepare for winter, which the night is getting longer, and October approaches, the temperature drops more and more. It is time for cold dew to pass and frost to fall. After this frosty Sanggang River passes and November enters, the beginning of winter comes. Since then, a novel that ice begins to freeze along the river has entered December, and there is a heavy rumor that the biggest snow of the year falls. Next, Sohan and Daehan are said to be the coldest days of winter. In this way, we learned about the 24 seasons.

 If you have a chance, please take a look at the calendar to find out when the season is most similar to these days.

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