Nguyen Huu Manh, Who chose Korea Among Numerous Developed Countries

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- Even if you have difficulties elsewhere, you should always challenge yourself

▲ Nguyen Huu Manh / Source: Nguyen Huu Manh

1. Hello, please introduce yourself first.


 Hello, I'm Nguyen Huu Manh and I'm 23 years old from Vietnam. I am currently attending the Department of Physical Education at Gunsan University.


2. Is there a reason you decided to study abroad in Korea?


 The reason why I came to Korea to study abroad is that I personally liked Korea, an advanced country. So I decided to learn Korean later and get a job at a Korean company in Vietnam and make a little more money, so I decided to come to Korea.


3. Is there a new habit that you gained while living in Korea?


 There is no new habit that I have gained in Korea, but it has become better to make my own food at home while drinking with my friends.


4. Was there any food you tried for the first time in Korea? How did you feel if you had one?


 On the first day I came from Korea, I went to a Chinese restaurant and ate jjamppong. In Vietnam, I've never eaten similar food like Spicy Seafood Noodles, so it suits my taste, was really delicious, and I still eat it often.


5. Lastly, please say a word to foreign students who are considering studying in Korea.


 If you study abroad in Korea, you may make mistakes whenever you talk to Koreans, but if you overcome difficulties and endure them, you will be able to speak Korean fluently someday.

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