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- Let's find a resting place for tired students

 In our university, there are amenity places for students who are tired of studying. Due to the COVID-19 situation, many students could not use it because they did not know where the amenity areas were because they did not go to school. Let's find out about the amenity areas of the university and use them well.

 First, on the first floor of the ▶ University of Social Sciences, there is a resting place for female students.

 Literally, it is only available to female students, and the difference from other amenity areas is that they can lie down and sleep or relax. Male students are not allowed to enter, so female students will be able to rest more comfortably because only female students use it.

 Next is the ▶ College of Humanities study cafe.

 It is a quiet place, because it is a space where most students study. Since it is a computer-enabled space, you can take a break, such as watching movies or YouTube. However, you should not make noise, such as chatting to other students studying.

 Another study space is the ▶ Hwangryong Library.

 On the first floor of the Hwangryong Library, there is a sofa for students, where you can sit and relax for a while. However, you should not make a fuss because it is a library.

 In addition, there is a cafe in the university called Mir on the first floor of the ▶ 2nd Student Center.

 Here, students drink drinks and students take a break or study in a free atmosphere. Mir is also a facility used by many students because they sell tickets for school buses. It is efficient that you can use a cafe within the university without going out of the university.

 You can easily see club rooms or conference rooms just by watching movies or dramas about college life. It is also called ‘Dongbang’ or ‘Gwabang’ for short. However, after COVID-19, which did not meet seniors or colleagues well, students have not been active and good at club activities or academic activities. And there are many students who do not even know if there is a club room or academic science conference room. These spaces can also be good as rest areas. It is equipped with basic facilities such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, and sofas, and you can chat or eat if it does not damage you a little differently from other places. The main room is on the first floor of the building where the department is located, and the club room is mainly in the second student center. Exceptionally, there are also club rooms in other affiliated facilities of our university.

There are many good amenity areas outside of school, but there are also many close and good rest areas in Kunsan National University. In addition, there are many places where you can relax, such as convenience stores, benches, and dormitories. I hope you can find them well and enjoy the convenience facilities for our university students. In addition, I think that the interest of students can improve the quality of amenity areas in university. We should pay attention and use it well, and speak out about the requirements. 

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