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- Demand-tailored employment-linked major

 Our university, there are several multi-disciplinary deductions to meet the diverse academic needs of educational consumers, such as △ plural majors △ minor majors △ minor majors △ convergence majors, and to foster integrated thinking and open perspective between studies. Do you know about the shared major system? In this article, let's learn about Our university's shared major.

 A shared major is a demand-tailored employment-linked major that actively responds to changes in the times and environment, and is a major designed and operated by institutions, industries, and Our university with manpower demand. Anyone who has earned more than 45 credits can apply, and if the number of applicants is higher than the number of applicants, prospective applicants will be selected through an interview process involving executives and employees of demanding institutions.

 The affiliation of the person who completed the shared major is maintained as an original department, and the completed shared major name is indicated on the diploma (degree). Currently, a total of nine shared majors are opened: △ Digital Forensics major △ Big Data Repair Computer Engineering major △ Global Artificial Intelligence major △ Intellectual Tax major △ Pension Management major △ Smart Western Engineering △ e-Mobility major △ Global Finance major. The application period is the same as the application agency for residents every semester, and during the application period, you can submit an application to the head of the shared major with the recommendation of the head of the department (department). It is also possible to change the shared major to multiple majors and minor majors, and if you change it, you can submit the change source of the shared major to the head of the shared major within four weeks of the start of each semester. Those who complete all of the credits for completing the shared major will be awarded a degree in the shared major.

 So far, we have looked into the shared major system. In order to adapt to our increasingly diversified society, why don't we use a shared major to meet the needs of society? It will not only satisfy the diverse academic curiosity of educational consumers, but will also help expand academic horizons and expand employment opportunities.

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