Tran Duc Trung, an international student from Vietnam

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- I came here because I saw Korean movie when I was young

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1. Hello, please introduce yourself first.

 Hello, I'm Transdeukchung from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am 24 years old this year, and I have been in Korea for more than three years, and I am currently attending Kunsan University.


2. Tell us why you came to Korea to study.

 In fact, there is no special reason for studying in Korea. I just watched a very interesting Korean movie when I was young, so I promised myself that I would come to Korea later, and I decided to study abroad after graduating from high school.


3. Were there any inconveniences because your culture was different from Korea? If there was, what part would it be?

 There was an inconvenience because the food culture between Korea and Vietnam was different. When I first came to Korea, I had a chance to eat with my Korean friends, so I ate together, but my Korean friends took me to eat sashimi, and I rarely ate raw food in Vietnam, so I couldn't eat at all that day. But now you can eat raw fish and other raw things.


4. Have you ever been convenient in your life while living in Korea?

 I think transportation is the most convenient thing in life when living in Korea. In Korea, when I take a bus, I can just take it with a transportation card, but not in Vietnam. In Korea, when I take a bus, you have to buy a bus ticket directly in cash from the bus. On each bus, one driver will board and sell tickets directly to the bus. Another convenience in Korea is that public transportation between regions is very fast.


5. Lastly, please say a word to your classmates who are thinking of studying in Korea.

 I hope you study Korean hard and prepare for studying abroad before going to Korea. I hope you can also experience a lot when you come to Korea.

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