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- Stories about famous tourist attractions in Gunsan in the media

 Gunsan is famous as a travel tourist attraction for many people. There is a must-visit place for most visitors to Gunsan, which is the "Chowon Photo Studio." The Chowon Photo Studio is a filming location known as "Christmas in August, " which was released in 1998. So let's find movies and books related to Gunsan.

 The movie "Christmas in August, was set in the grassland photo studio in Gunsan, Han Seok-kyu and Shim Eun-ha, were featured actors and the male protagonist "Jungwon" meets the female protagonist "Darim" while accepting life and preparing for a calm breakup with family and friends. The film gained a lot of popularity and was re-released in 2013. The Chowon Photo Studio is located in Sinchang-dong, Gunsan City, and was originally a virtual photo studio in the movie. And thanks to the success of the movie. Gunsan City Hall restored the Chowon Photo Studio in the form of an experience hall. Like the one in the movie, the Chowon Photo Studio is a small single-story photo studio in the form of a detached house, and some props and photo frames from the movie are displayed. Next to the photo studio is a tico vehicle from the 90s driven by actor Shim Eun-ha in the play. The Chowon Photo Studio is closed every Monday, and the admission fee is free.

 The Japanese-style house (Hirotsu House), located in Sinheung-dong. Gunsan, is famous as a filming location like the grassland photo studio and is a tourist attraction visited by many people. The Hirotsu House is a modern cultural heritage and well preserved in the form of Japanese-style houses, which were the background of the films: “The General's Son, Sharper, The War on Crime: Rules of Time, The Fighter of the Wind, and Gabby.”

 Next, there is a book related to Gunsan. It is a book in titled "Do you know Gunsan?" published this year. This book is a follow-up to Do You Know Seoul, published in July last year. Kim Byung-woon, the author of this book, deals with various aspects of Gunsan, which is considered a representative place as a gateway of exploitation during the Japanese colonial period, added to the points of modern Korean history. Gunsan is a city of pain, and fertile land and quality rice on the Honam Plain were subject to exploitation by Japan. This book contains the story of Gunsan in the era of Japanese sentiment, which contains the history of our pain, and the beauty of Gunsan nature.

 Gunsan is a city that retains the past history of Korea and the beauty of nature. Why don't we have time to learn about the history of Korea and the beauty of nature that Gunsan gives us through the media of movies and books?

▲ The movie poster for Christmas in August. /Source: Naver Movie

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