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- Advantages and unfortunate criticism from consumers.

 Have you ever had delivery food? Currently, demand for delivery food is increasing as COVID-19 refrains from outdoor activities and increases indoor-oriented activities. Thanks to such high demand, there are many apps that can easily order delivery food. The application we are looking for today is an app called ‘Master of Delivery’ that can be used professionally in Gunsan City.

 First of all, the delivery master is the nation's first public delivery application. The app was developed to ease the burden of excessive fee spending on existing apps and expand consumers' use of Gunsan Love Gift Certificates and mobile Gunsan Love Gift Certificates, reflecting the high fees and advertising costs of existing famous delivery apps.

 In order to use the master of delivery, you can first search for the Master of Delivery in Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install the application. After that, if you press the membership registration button on the main screen and fill out the terms and conditions, mobile phone authentication, and other information input, the subscription will be completed. You can also sign up for membership using Naver, Facebook, and Kakao Talk accounts, so please refer to it. And if you go to the main screen of the application, you can find the food you want because it is clean and tidy compared to other applications and is well organized by type of food. It also has good functions to know prior information about delivery, such as delivery fees, delivery time, and streets for stores that can be ordered. In order to order food according to the conditions you want, enter the category where you want the food and place an order, and the food arrives at the registered delivery destination. In addition, you can get up to 8% discount if you pay using Gunsan Love Gift Certificate.

 At one time, the number of restaurant owners received positive responses by providing restaurant owners with significantly lower fees and advertising costs compared to existing famous delivery apps, and consumers with Gunsan Love Gift Certificate payments and discounts. However, existing users are returning to famous delivery apps. The reason is that existing famous delivery apps attract existing consumers by aggressively marketing with discounts using high fees and advertising costs received from franchise restaurants. On the other hand, the ‘Master of Delivery’ differs in this regard because there are no fees and advertising costs at all, so consumers have no reason to use the ‘Master of Delivery’.

 By comparing the number of ‘Master of Delivery’ with existing famous delivery apps, we compared the advantages and disadvantages. As a result of using the ‘Master of Delivery’, I could feel the inconvenience that existing consumers felt. Reflecting these inconveniences and reflecting them in future updates will benefit both consumers and small business owners. I hope that there will be an environment where both consumers and small business owners are satisfied with further development in the future.

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