The Health Care Center is Responsible for the Health of Our University Members

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- From health care to student medical deduction member benefits

▲ Our University Health Care Center / Photo : Kim Sehwan

 Have you ever hesitated where to go because you were injured in school? For this situation, our university has a Health Care Center. Surprisingly, there are many schoolmates who do not know that Health Care Centers exists. So, in this article, I would like to learn about the work of the health mileage, and student medical mutual aid association of our university Health Care Center.

 The Health Care Center is operated by the Student Support Division of the Student Administration to contribute to the health management and health hygiene of students and faculty members of our university. It is located on the third floor of the second year student’s hall. The Health Care Center reports: △health care and treatment of students and faculty members △basic medication(only for 1 day) △health counseling △basic clinical examination(blood sugar obesity) △health management program(in body 4.0 and stress test) △physical fat type coordinate analysis △student medical deduction.

 The Health Care Center operates the Student Medical Mutual Aid Association, which aims to reduce the burden of treatment costs and contribute to improving students' health by paying 80% of the medical expenses(benefit items) if treated at the hospital due to illness or injury while attending school. Freshmen and transfer students can apply when registering for admission, and other additional students can visit the health center in person to apply, so please refer to it. If you have any more questions about this, you can contact our university's Health Care Center(☎469-4017).

 In addition, the Student Medical Mutual Aid Association operates various projects for the health of students, including body shape management health mileage, smoking cessation programs for students, and health promotion projects through disease prevention. Park Jin Soo(Biology·20), a classmate who first heard that our university's Health Care Center exists this time, said, “I was surprised to find out for the first time that we are carrying out many projects not only for treatment but also for student health management. So I hope that students will use it comfortably when they need it. Through this it will gain a lot of publicity about health care projects.” He also express a positive opinion on the Health Care Center.

 You can visit into our university's Health Care Center. If you get hurt or have some health issues with your body after reading this article. Why don't you also take care of your health through various health care programs as well as treatment here?


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