Byambadorj Javzandulam, an International Student Who Loves Korean culture and language.

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- The best choice in life is to come to Korea.


▲ Byambadorj Javzandulam / Source : Byambadorj Javzandulam

Please introduce yourself.

Hello. I’m Byambadorj Javzandulam. I’m from Mongolia and I am 22 years old. Since my school days, I liked Korean culture and language, so I decided to study abroad in Korea, and I’m attending the Department of Korean Language and Literature at our university to become a professor of linguistics.


2. Is there Korean culture that is hard to adapt to?

At first, it was difficult for me to adapt to the honorific expressions in Korea. Mongolian has little honorific expression and is not used very well. However, in Korea, honorific and informal language are clearly divided. Therefore, it was difficult for me to learn Korean for the first time, but it was also a part that made me feel attracted to Korean language.


3. Do you have any memorable episode while studying abroad?

I was able to make a lot of memories while studying abroad in Korea. One of the most memorable things is a trip with my language school friends. It is the happiest memory. We traveled to Yeosu for two nights and three days with several foreign friends.


4. Tell us your future plans.

After successfully completing my college at Kunsan University, I plan to go to the United States to go to graduate school and study English. I decided to go to graduate school there because I thought I could expand the scope of employment by studying English.


5. Is there anything you want to say to foreign students at our university?

The best choice I’ve ever made in my life is to come to Korea. I hope you make a lot of good memories while studying in this country and remember it as a choice without regrets. I hope you have to be faithful to your studies, don’t give up, achieve your dreams, and become a good talent in your home country. Let’s all cheer up!



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