“Foreign Help Centers”Established in Our University.

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- Foreign student crime damages report and civil service counseling window.

▲ Delivery of quarantine masks for foreign students / Source : Our university's website

 Our university has various programs and facilities for foreign students. In particular, the International Exchange Education Center, an affiliated facility of our university, operates Korean language education programs for foreign students and helps them interact with Korean students. In addition through various programs, foreign student can quickly adapt studying in Korea. In this article, let’s find out about the Foreign Help Center established for foreign students at our university within the International Exchange Education Center.

 On April 12, the Foreign Help Center is being operated, the opening ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the signboard held at the Hwangryong Cultural Center in our university. Foreign Help Center is used as a window for reporting crimes and civil service counseling for foreign students at our university. Foreign Help Center in the International Exchange Education Center commissioned by Gunsan police station will promote: responding to foreign crimes and complaints establishment of HOT-LINE. between ‘Help Center-Foreign Police’, report and consultation with foreign police, processing of police station or related agencies. A total of 304 Foreign Help Centers are located across the country. Foreign Help Centers established in various parts of the country help foreigners that become victims of crimes, not marginalized, and help them quickly. Park si-kyun, the head of International Exchange Education Center in our university, said, “As the number of foreign students in Korea has recently decreased, the role of a Foreign Help Center, a crime prevention and damage counseling center for international students, are gradually strengthening. We will work with Gunsan Police Station to establish a social safety net where foreign students can safely concentrate on their studies.”

 When many foreigners living in Gunsan, as well as foreign students at our university need help, there will be no cases of damage that will follow by asking for help from the Foreign Help Center, and it will help foreigners live in Korea more happier and safer. 

▲ Foreign Help Center / Source : Park Juyoung

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