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- A place where you can feel the rest of your mind in your busy daily life

▲ Metasequoia Road in our university / Photo : Kim Sehwan

 We come to school as university students, and we face the school landscape every time we come to school. At first, beautiful and new landscapes are getting used to, and as you concentrate on your busy studies, you will forget the preciousness of nature and the beauty of school cultural space melted into university life. In this culture, we will learn about our university's Metasequoia Road, fountain trails, and fish farms, the places where you can feel relaxed in your busy daily life.

 First, I will introduce Metasequoia Road, It runs straight from the Marine Science University to the back gate basketball court. Metasequoia is a surviving fossil plant that remains in Sichuan Province and Hubei Province in China, and is a very old tree where fossils have been found in Pohang, Korea. Metasequoia provides beauty by changing colors from green to red colors every season. Metasequoia Road is a great place for both men and women to take a walk, with warm sunlight during the day and cool winds at night.

 Next, Hwangryong Lake and a promenade are located near the Hwangryong Cultural Center in the rear gate. There are fish living in the lake and fountains. If you take a walk around Hwangryong Lake while looking at the fountain where the fountain water comes out, you can feel as if the stress from your life is being washed away. In addition, a bench is placed in the shade of the tree, making it the best place to relax with nature. It is a place where you can feel the beauty of nature with various flowers and birds, so please visit the place and take a walk.

 Finally, behind the university of Marine Science is a fish farm that is not common in other universities. More than 100 species of animals are living there. Including various fish, turtles, and sturgeon, live and it is open for field trips. The fish farm is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays, and visitors can go on a tour freely after completing the entry and exit register.

 That's why I found a place where I can relax at my university. Besides the places I introduced here, there are so many hidden attractions in our university as well. If you take a little time to appreciate the spaces that have been overlooked in your busy daily life, you will feel the beauty of what we thought was natural. Why don't you find some peace of mind with beautiful scenery in your tired daily life?

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