Kunsan National University's Learning Program

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- Let's find out about our school's learning program.

 Kunsan National University is preparing various learning programs for the upcoming second semester. First, there is the Up&Rise! Learning Mentoring Program. One mentor and one mentee form a team, and mentor-consultants who take the same subject (at least one of the disciplines and majors) are teamed up 1:1 to conduct learning activities online or offline every week. The condition to become a mentor is that the grades in the previous semester should be 4.00 or higher, and the condition to become a mentee is that the grades in the previous semester should be 3.07 or lower. When a total of six weeks of study activities are completed and all relevant documents are submitted, the activity support will be paid to each team. In addition, there is a scholarship award for the excellent activity team depending on the degree of improvement of the counselor's performance, and a scholarship credit is also granted. For more information on the program, contact the Hwangryong Human Resources Education Center.

 Our university is also preparing a learning program called Hwangryong Tutoring, a learning community program that helps tutor (one person) who has advanced in basic education with excellent grades and tutor who wants to get help in the course. Among the courses opened in the second semester of 2021, only students who have completed the subject (Basic, Core, General) and major courses (Grades A or A+) are eligible to apply. Only foreign students in the second semester of 2021 can apply. Through this program, we hope to foster a sense of academic self-efficacy and improve college life adaptability and communication skills.

 Hwangryong Altum Learning, a learning community program that helps students who take the same major course, participate in cooperative learning activities in a team to gain interest and confidence in academic and school life as a whole, is also being prepared. Among the subjects that open the second semester of 2021, subjects that are major are the subjects, and students (2-4th graders) who take the subject in the second semester of 2021 can participate. The team leader can teach learning activities as the leader of the team and submit various team learning activities materials. Team members should play a role in participating and supporting team learning activities during the program. Participating in these learning programs with interest is expected to result in good academic performance.

 Also, our university has a well-established learning space for students to study autonomously using learning programs. Hwangryong Library has various learning spaces depending on the purpose of 24-hour reading rooms, creative reading rooms, convergence reading rooms, and smart reading rooms. The increase in non-face-to-face classes has led to a further increase in the number of students using laptops. It should be noted that the reading room where laptops can be used has a creative reading room on the 1.5th floor and a truth-finding room on the 3rd floor. Also, self-study is possible at study cafes and school caffeine Mirs at the College of Humanities. More information can be found on our school's SNS or homepage.

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