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- Let's find out about our University through SNS


▲ Photos showing SNS Facebook /  Source: Yonhap News Agency photo

   Our University currently operates various SNS. First, there is Kunsan National University YouTube. This YouTube has been posting videos containing various information such as school promotion contents and our University news content. It also operates our YouTube channel for Kunsan National University's media company or a YouTube channel for Kunsan National University's start-up support group to inform detailed institutions.

  It also has a YouTube channel for each department. We are trying to cover a wide range of viewers, including admission information for students as well as to those interested in Kunsan National University. Kunsan National University's official channel name is “ Kunsan Daehakkyo”. It has the advantage of being able to understand difficult information more easily and conveniently through YouTube.

  Next is Kunsan National University Facebook. On the school's official Facebook page, related information can be found in photos and texts, just like Instagram. Unlike Instagram, which is centered on the academic schedule, Facebook also deals with the current status of school operations, such as the university development fund delivery ceremony and the president's participation in the relay campaign. It also delivers news from outside Kunsan for students' rich lives, including concerts in Kunsan.

  In addition to the official Facebook account, students can communicate with each other through an account called "K-DaeSinJeonHaeDeuRimNiDa" This is an account that the administrator posts as it is, when students report. Various information such as job recommendations for students, questions for students, and promotion of restaurants near the school, events ,and schools can be accessed and communicated with the same students.

  There is also an application called Everytime. This application requires proof data proving that you are a student at Kunsan National University to communicate. Therefore, it is difficult for outsiders to join in, so only the students of Kunsan National University can communicate. However, you should be careful because sometimes incorrect information can be up loaded. This application is current events. The bulletin boards such as issue boards, graduate boards, and freshman boards are divided. So people who want similar information can communicate with each other.


   In addition to various information such as employment, students can see mutual benefits among themselves through the market bulletin board where they can buy and sell goods among the same students. The way you ask and answer questions is similar to Facebook's "Deliver on behalf of K" page, but the app is characterized by more anonymity. Students should not abuse such anonymity and should recognize and use it with caution that others can be abused by others. You can also hear the news of our university on various SNS such as Instagram. So please pay a lot of attention in order to more about our university.


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