Do you know the various scholarship system in our school?

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- Various School Scholarship, Mileage scholarships, and External Scholarships

 Our university has a variety of scholarship systems to help many students strive for their studies in a free and affluent environment. Our university offers a variety of scholarship programs, including campus scholarships, mileage scholarships, and external scholarships.

 First, in-school scholarships can be divided into freshmen and students. Freshmen's on-campus scholarships include "academic scholarships for excellence in CSAT," "family scholarships," and "excellent scholarships." The "Family Scholarship" exempts some tuition or admission fees for those who are attending our university, with more than two of their parents, brothers, sisters and spouses. The "Foreign Student Scholarship" provides tuition fees for those who have been recommended by related departments among foreign students who entered our university. In addition, various scholarships are provided for new students, including "National Scholarship for Distinguished Persons and Children", "Sports Specialist Scholarship", and "Foreign Student Scholarship". If you look at the scholarships for students, there are scholarships such as freshmen's scholarships, merit scholarships, foreign language proficiency scholarships, and volunteer scholarships for foreign language skills," and "volunteer scholarships." The "Honorary Scholarship" belongs to a person who has raised the honor of a school through physical education and academic activities. The "Scholarship for Excellence in Foreign Language" provides scholarships to those who have achieved excellent grades in English (TOEFL, TOEIC), Japanese (JPT, JLPT), Chinese (HSK), and German (ZD, ZMP).

 The Mileage Scholarship is a scholarship run to provide incentives for students to achieve their own active and voluntary careers. Subject to the payment are students in the undergraduate course, and the areas of mileage evaluation include participation, personality, foreign language, certificate, merit, and grade improvement. Students who wish to receive such a mileage scholarship must apply for a mileage scholarship within a fixed period of time. The mileage scholarship grants 1,000 won per point, gives scholarships from 200 points or more, and up to 2,000 points while attending school. Please refer to the school homepage for more information.

 Our university provides scholarships to many students through various scholarship programs. However, for those who have had trouble at school, damaged the dignity of students due to misconduct, have "F" credit, those who have not completed a small number of application credits, and those who have exceeded the basic course age are not qualified from our university's scholarship selection. If you are a student of our university, be aware of this, and since our university supports many scholarship programs, please refer to the school website and receive the scholarship applicable to you. I hope many students will work harder on their studies through the scholarship system of our university.


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