Nguyen Quang Truong, who wants to introduce Korean culture to Vietnam

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- Ambassadors for international students in Jeollabuk-do Province

▲ Nguyen Quang Truong / Source : Nguyen Quanvg Truong

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Nguyen Guang Tzuong from Vietnam. I'm in the third grade of Korean language and literature. It has been 4 years since I came to Korea.


2. How did you first encounter Korean culture and why did you come to Kunsan National University in Korea?

When I was in high school, K-pop was so popular and still popular in Vietnam. At that time, I participated in the K-pop dance team. So I started to be interested in Korea and came to study. When I first came to Korea, I was interested in Korean food and culture, so I went to another university in Gunsan to major in cooking. I didn't know about Kunsan National University at that time. While living in Gunsan, I got to know Kunsan National University, and I decided to transfer because the educational facilities and scholarship system of Kunsan National University were so good. So I prepared the transfer documents. I was overslept in the Korean literature department of Korean literature at Kunsan National  University.


3. What was the most impressive experience you had as an ambassador for international students in Jeollabuk-do in 2019? What did you learn from this experience?

It was my honor, That I became an ambassador for international students in Jeollabuk-do in 2019 and learned a lot of famous historical sites, tourist attractions, and interesting festivals in Jeollabuk-do. For example, Hanok Village in Jeonju, Mireuksaji in Iksan, Chunhyangje in Namwon, Naejangsan in Jeongeup, Geumsansa Temple in Buan, etc. Especially, I traveled to Imsil and Namwon for 1 night and 2 days, and I had special memories. I got a chance to make Imsil cheese and I learned about Nobonghon Bulmun Village. I took a lot of pretty pictures too. Thanks to this, I learned a lot about the beautiful natural environment, culture, history, art, and food that varies every four seasons of Jeollabuk-do and I gained a lot of interesting experiences.


4. Is there any dream you want to achieve in Korea?

I am studying hard so that I can improve my Korean language quickly. I want to go to more beautiful places in Korea, eat delicious traditional food, and see Korean traditional art. When I go back to Vietnam later, I want to introduce Korean culture.


5. Lastly, Do you have something to say to the students of Kunsan National University in Korea?

It's hard to be a student because of COVID-19, but always work hard and try hard. I hope COVID-19 ends soon. I wish I could study more and spend time with my friends. Everyone, be healthy and always wear your masks. Fighting!

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