Meeting between International Students and Korean Students

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- Expect to promote exchanges between international students and students through buddy programs

▲ Graph of the number of foreign students studying at a general university in Korea / Source: University notification

  Kunsan National University recruited applicants for the KSNU-Buddy program in March this year. The program was conducted online and offline to prevent the Covid-19 infection. The Buddy Program, which promotes cultural exchange between Korean and foreign students (1:2) to support early settlement of Korean life is meaningful not only to support exchange students' school life but also to improve language skills and international competitiveness. In the case of offline meetings, there is an activity where cultural exchange and academic information are shared by contacting them at least once during the activity period. Online activities may be conducted from time to time during the duration of the buddy program in accordance with individual recognition. It prepares and verifies cultural exchange and University life guidance through autonomous activities (once a week, at least four times a week), integrated information system utilization, and information on school facilities such as libraries and student halls.

  The activity fee will be paid after submitting the activity performance report and can be supported up to 50,000 won. If the number of applicants exceed, they shall be selected according to the standards such as academic performance and motivation for support. The KSNU-Buddy program runs from March 29, 2021 to May 14, 2021 (Friday). During the activity period, students play a role in providing information related to college life, cultural exchange, academic support, and continuous communication and counseling between mentees and individuals through online and offline activities. Foreign students are advised by Korean students (mentors) to try to adapt to the University's salutation and actively participate in online and offline activities to maintain a good relationship with their students. Because Korean students and international students who are conducting the program will be paid for their activities after submitting the activity performance report, The activity performance report must be sent to the person in charge within the submission period: 2021.5.10. - 5. 21

  In addition to the buddy program, there are programs for many international students to adapt to Korea. In March 2021, foreign students from each country visited elementary schools in downtown Kunsan to receive applications for the Global Village Culture Class" program, an educational donation program that informs the culture of foreign students." There are many prepared programs and will be prepared to help international students experience a lot. International students as well as Korean students should actively search the school's web site. For more information, you can visit Kunsan National University's International Exchange Education Center web site or contact Yoon Ji-yeon (063-469-4928, in charge of the International Exchange Education Center.


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