A Variety of Foods and Ingredients Stores in Gunsan

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- Chinese ingredients to taste in Gunsan

▲ Gyeongam-dong World Food / Photo : Kim Sehwan

 As Chinese food such as Maralongxia became very popular in Korea, Recently, starting with Maratang, Maratangguo. Koreans began to be interested in Chinese food. In fact, most of the students at our university are Chinese, Chinese food and ingredients stores are opening in Gunsan. so Chinese food ingredient stores is expected to have a good benefit for both dealers and consumer. In this article, I will talk about the open box, a return shop that sells returned products at a low price, along with the Chinese food ingredient store in Gunsan.

 One of the most popular Chinese food ingredients stores in Gunsan is World Food in Gyeongam-dong. World Food sells a variety of Chinese food ingredients, including Chinese liquor, Chinese snacks, various sauces, coriander, various spices, lamb and meat as well. The address of the store is 69-3 Haemang-ro, Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, and you can get there in about 25 minutes by bus from our university. A variety of Chinese food ingredients can be purchased at the store according to individual tastes. In addition, there are East China Food Store in Soryong-dong and Dong-A China Food Store in Osik-do-dong. For more information about the store, please contact World Food in Gyeongam-dong(☎063-442-2376).

 The term "return shop" means a store that sells products that are returned or products that have problems packaging at a low price. Open Box is a store that inspects new products, carry-over products, home shopping products, fine defect products, etc. and sells them at a lower price. You can buy various fruits, and vegetables. at a lower price than the lowest price on the Internet. Open box sells the same product cheaply because it is a return product. In this regard, it seems to be a better way to save money than a regular mart. Please note that the nearest open box store is located in Miryong-dong, so you can use it conveniently. You can go there on foot.

 As people's tastes are diversifying, food and ingredient stores in various countries are also increasing. At Chinese food ingredients stores you can conveniently find Chinese food ingredients, so it would be good not only for Chinese students who miss their hometown food, but also students who like Chinese food.

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