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- Let’s create a multicultural society that understands and coexists.

▲ Together Day Basic Logo / Source : Together Day Homepage

  In the year 2007, Together Day had started, It began with the aim of creating a multi cultural society where people from various ethnic and cultural regions understand and coexist with each other, it is celebrated every year on 20th of May.

  Together Day, was designated as a national holiday, it was decided at the Immigration Policy Forum in March 2006 after discussing the name and date. It was originally planned to celebrate World Cultural Diversity Day on May 21, but finally designated on May 20 as Together Day, it is a legal holiday that established the importance of marital relations and create a harmonious family. In 2007, Together Day was designated by the ‘Basic Act on the Treatment of Foreigners in Korea’ in order to create a society where Koreans and foreigners respect each other’s culture, traditions, and live together with harmony. Starting on the day of Together Day, it was established as Together Day’s Week for one week.

  Therefore, the first Together Day was implemented in earnest from 2008 after the 2007 ceremony was held. The Ministry of Justice organized the ceremony as an opportunity to establish a place for communication and harmony between the Korean people and foreigners, and to publicize the government’s willingness to embrace multiculturalism. For necessary matters the Together Day event are authorize separately by the Minister of Justice, the Mayor, and the Governor. Therefore, various events are held to celebrate Together Day in various ways. It also creates an experience booth to experience writing, photography, video contests, cultural performances, and various cultures to celebrate Together Day.

  The basic logo of Together Day is a visualization of various faces of the people, as Rose of Sharon flowers with 5 different colored petals, black, green, red, yellow and blue designed to symbolize the harmony and communication of the world has. I think efforts are needed to create a harmonious multicultural society to match the purpose of Together Day and the intention of the logo. Even if you don’t participate in the event celebrating Together Day. It’s a good idea to have time to experience various ethnic culture.

  In addition, the space of university will be shared with international students from various countries, and even there will be some difficulties or inconveniences due to cultural differences. If we understand and respect different cultures, and show good attitude and consideration, they will be helpful in society as well as a university life.

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