The lifelong Education Center in Kunsan National University

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- Let’s find out what educational system it has.

 Have you ever heard about lifelong education? Lifelong education refers to the process and activities of constantly learning by birth to the end of life. In addition, the importance of lifelong learning, which requires individual spontaneity in modern society, is emphasized. Korea also prepares to promotion and support policies for this education system. Kunsan National University Lifelong Education Center is the institution that is in charge of such education in Gunsan City. Today, let's find out what programs are going on at Kunsan National University Lifelong Education Center and what kind of curriculum there is.

 First, Kunsan National University Lifelong Education Center has two buildings between the University of Humanities and the Music Center, another one is in the General Education Center building, located on the left side of Kunsan National University's south gate. The Lifelong Education Center was established in 1997 under the name Kunsan National University Social Education Center and changed to the current Lifelong Education Center in 2001. Initially, it started with two qualification categories, but as of April 2020, it currently has about 40 qualification program curricula. These curricula are divided into four categories, each with general curriculum, private certification, credit banking, and special curriculum. First, general education courses are divided into a total of nine categories, including education and welfare, professional vocational education, and language education, so that you can find qualification programs and take courses according to your needs. The second private certification course currently has about 40 subjects, including yoga instructors, English fairy tale instructors, and reading instructors, and if you complete a certain curriculum, you will be eligible to take the qualification test. The third is the credit banking system. There will be many students who don't know about this credit banking system. The credit banking system is a system that recognizes various forms of learning and qualifications not only at school but also outside of school as credits, and allows degree acquisition. If credits accumulate and meet certain standards. Anyone who has dropped out of the university or has a bachelor's degree, who already has a degree, or who has a new degree, and various qualifications, can use the credit banking system. The credit banking system will be conducted in the order of registering learners, applying for credit recognition, applying for degrees, and receiving degrees in the credit banking system. The application period will be until December 15th and the reviewal is until June 15th.

 Finally, special education courses are divided into civic free courses, consignment courses, and convergence courses, which are not currently implemented. Although many programs are being opened at lifelong education centers for self-satisfaction and future in search of the curriculum they need, most programs are still being closed. To solve these problems, it would be good to expand the promotion and support at the school level.


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