Do you know about the disabled student support center in our university?

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- Our University's Excellent evaluation of welfare services for disabled students

 We are living together with various people. Some people have different languages, status and even different races. Among them are the people with disabilities. This coming 20th of April. We celebrate the day for the disabled every year. The anniversary was established to deepen the public understanding for the disabled and promote the disabled's desire to rehabilitate them. April 20 was set as “Day for the Disabled” because April is the season when all things come to life during the year, so it can highlight the disabled's willingness to rehabilitate.

 Our university was selected as an outstanding university in the “2020 Assessment of Education and Welfare Support for University Students with Disabilities” conducted by the National Special Education Center on February 8. Out of 348 universities across the country, a total of 423 campuses (98.8%) from 343 universities participated in the evaluation. 93 universities, including Kunsan University, were selected as excellent universities. Our university has been highly praised for its various efforts to turn the crisis into opportunities through non-face-to-face learning environment due to COVID-19. In particular, the program to improve cultural competence and sensitivity of disabled university students, which has been carried out every year. In the second half of the year 2020, the variety of non-face-toface cultures and emotion-enhancing programs. transformation have been newly reorganized.

 Kunsan University established the “Campus Life Support Center” in 2003 to support disabled students' smooth campus life, improvement of educational environment, as well as successful social advancement. The Disabled Student Support Center provides various services for disabled students' teaching, learning, and university life - teaching and learning support services, mobile support services, and life support services. Through such support, we make every effort to help disabled students study and live in universities without difficulties caused by disabilities.

 What can we do for the upcoming Disabled Day? According to the web site of our university's Support Center for Disabled Students, it operates a system for helping disabled students. The Support Center for Disabled Students selects helpers or volunteers for them who assist with ghostwriting, textbook production and movement as working service scholarship students in order to facilitate the convenience of learning for disabled students. For more information, see the school's web site and hope our little attention will be of great.

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