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- Let's find out about the clubs in our university.

 As the new semester begins, one of the first things you do for an energetic university life is to join a club. They join a club, do the activities they usually wanted, share their hobbies with students who have interests such as volunteering, sports, and music, and have time to get close to each other. Because they take a lot of classes with their friends, they may have less interaction with their seniors and juniors, but they have the advantage of being able to help each other in school by joining a club. I would like to introduce clubs in various fields where I can exchange my hobbies with seniors and juniors.

 First, it is a volunteer club called 'Ggomjirak'. The club regularly goes to volunteer work at the orphanage on the morning of the second and fourth Saturday of the month. The volunteer club choose volunteer activities that are difficult for individuals to do. If you are a student who likes children, you can apply to this club, play with children, and receive a mileage scholarship. In addition, if you want to get a job at a child-related institution in the future, you can get additional points, so this club will be most suitable.

 The second volunteer club is called ‘Good Narae’. Similar to the ‘Komjirak Club’, this Good Narae Club focuses on promoting children's rights and is a club under Good Neighbors. The club's peculiarity is that its members practice and perform puppet shows to prevent child sexual violence. Also, not only practice and performance, but also preparation for campaigns and activities are credited as volunteer hours, which can fill volunteer hours more efficiently. We plan and prepare events with Jeonbuk National University, Wonkwang University, and Jeonju University as well as our university.

 The following are music clubs 'ABL' and 'Hwangryong'. The mixed dance club "ABL" is participating in activities where both men and women participate and practice various dance moves to show their achievements through various events or regular performances at school. If you were usually interested in dancing, but you haven't tried it, or if you like to practice together, you can consider this club.

 The next club is 'Hwangryong.' This club is a band club that gather students each instrument and performs as a group. Various instruments, such as keyboards, bass, electric guitar, and drums, and play their roles and also perform several songs with unison in each part. If you know how to play a musical instrument or want to learn a new instrument and play it with students, it would be good to join the club.

 Among sports clubs, the "Black Dragon" club, a basketball club, is also recruiting new members. Regardless of gender or age, any student who likes or wants to learn basketball can join the club. I learned about a club that is a way to enjoy my university life more. There are clubs in more diverse fields besides the clubs introduced here, so I hope you can think about what activities you want to do and enter the right club and have fun and good university life. 

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