Why did Admiral Yi Sun-shin become a picture of 100 won?

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- Achievements of admiral Yi Sun-shin

 If you look at coin currencies, you can see pictures or images engraved in them. They are not ordinary images. They are images or pictures of people or objects that represent the country. The 100-won coin has the picture of Admiral Yi Sunshin. What made him famous to be on it?

 Yi Sun-shin was the 16th century Joseon Dynasty admiral who led the Joseon Naval Forces during the Imjin War, and a hero with great ability, strategies, and courage that made him won many battles. His heroic act rescued Korea from Japanese invasion. 

 During the war, Yi Sun-shin was dismissed from the jealousy and conspiracy of many people, and he fought with the Japanese army, including the unreasonable treatment of the court as an official. Later he stood alone against the inner enemies of the court and the king. In addition, his mother and son were lost to the war one after another, and to make matters worse, the elite army he had put his life to it and nurtured was almost destroyed. But he did not succumb to that worst situation where he was convinced that he would eventually won, By his genius ability and effort, he managed to protect his country and people who were in danger during the Japanese invasion.

 Despite of his achievements, he was abandoned by the government. At that time, the king of Joseon seemed to be competent to Yi Sun-shin, but he ignored him. He was busy running away from the war, Admiral Yi defended the country, and for that reason, he was envious of Yi Sun-shin, who was praised by the people. Won-gyun, who was envious of Yi Sunshin, was once dismissed. However, because of this, the great commander, who frightened the enemy, had gone. and most of the naval forces were lost as well.

 Even he was dying by being shot in the chest, Yi Sun-shin gave a lesson to his men. He said, “Do not announce my death because you are confronting the enemy.” As a result, the final battle also led to victory. He was more highly respected and recognized after his death. The Russo-Japanese War, cadets of US naval visited the Japanese Navy, which was the subject of benchmarking by each naval war. I respect Admiral Yi Sun-sin. I am nothing compared to that person.” He also replied.

 Since the 100-won coin is a common in Korea, the picture of Yi Sun-shin is drawn to remind you of him who saved the country. Yi Sun-shin's birthday is coming. I hope that the 28th of April will be a day to think about Yi Sun-shin’s heroic deeds that saved Korea from the Imjin War. While looking at a 100-won coin, I think we have to give thanks and respect to his greatest work for the country. 


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