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- Have you ever heard of natural recreational forests in Sinsido?

 Have you ever been to Sinsido? Sinsido Island is located to the east of Seonyudo Island. It is the largest among the 24 islands in the Gogunsan archipelago, and at the beginning of the Gogunsan archipelago. In 2005, Sinsido Island became land along with Biungdo and Yamido Island thanks to the Saemangeum seawall construction. Before the Saemangeum seawall construction, I never imagined that there would be a road connected to the islands. However, after the construction, we could go to the new city conveniently using public land transportation.

 On March 19th last month, the National Natural Recreation Forest was opened in Sinsido, Gunsan, and it was expected to be a new tourist attraction. The term “Natural Recreation Forest” means a forest created by designation for the health, entertainment, taking abreak, etc. of the people. After two years of construction, the recreation forest was opened after a pilot operation in February. In this article, we will learn about the role and advantages of natural recreation forests in Sinsido.

 The Sinsido Natural Recreation Forest also features a variety of attractions, including recreational facilities, coastal trails (about 4km), and solar observatories. In particular, it is an eco-friendly recreational forest that minimizes emissions of toxic gasses to make it a pleasant and safe forest recreation area. The recreational forest has several cultural facilities, including a moonlit park, a performance hall in the forest, a circular observatory, and a solar observatory.

 The Sinsido Natural Recreation Forest was expanded to the largest (52 rooms) of the National Natural Recreation Forest as Gunsan was designated as an industrial employment crisis zone during the construction period. Reservations about accommodations can be made at “숲나들” an integrated reservation system for natural recreation forests. Accommodation facilities are available in the forest according to the Corona 19 quarantine rules, but forest cultural recreation centers are limited to less than 50%. Detailed of available hours and accommodation information on the natural recreation forest of Sinsido can be found on the web site of the National Sinsido Natural Recreation Forest.

 The Sinsido Natural Recreation Forest, which opened with the slogan “Environmentally Friendly Rest Area with Sun, Star, and Moon” offers a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of the Gogunsan archipelago consisting of Muyeo Island, Sinsido Island, and Seonyudo Island. Taking a forest bath has various positive effects such as relieving stress, stabilizing, reducing negative emotions, and restoring cognitive abilities. It would be good to feel your mind purified through forest bathing.

 With the opening of the natural recreation forest, the city is also expected to become a new tourist attraction in Saemangeum, which is linked to the Gogunsando archipelago, along with revitalizing the local economy. If you use recreational forest tours, you will be able to soothe your tired mind and body with the beauty of nature. In modern times, when nature is used only as a means, it would be nice to be with nature and feel the mystery and preciousness of nature.

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