Our university holds a gallery called ‘잇_다’

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- A gallery that means "to connect the world with people.

▲ A gallery "잇_다" / Source : KSNU Blog

 Our university has various affiliates. Do you know about the museum of our university among them? Through this time, I would like to introduce you to the museum of our university.

 Kunsan University Museum opened on May 1, 1984. The museum has been excavating and collecting our cultural heritage through active excavation research and academic research on the Baekje and Gaya cultures in eastern Jeollabuk-do. The museum also held various cultural lectures, guest lectures, and special exhibitions, and has contributed to the development of local culture by providing students, faculty, and local residents with opportunities to understand and enjoy local culture.

 Kunsan University Museum opened its museum gallery "잇_다" on the second floor of the Hwangryong Cultural Center on January 18. The museum gallery "잇-다" has a motif from Kunsan University's slogan, "Continue the World with People," which means connecting people, people, universities and regions with culture and art. Through the opening of the museum gallery "잇_다", the Hwangryong Cultural Center at Kunsan University has four exhibition spaces covering Gunsan's history and culture, including the museum's permanent exhibition room, Gunsan's memory room, and school's history room, and serves as a central cultural complex. “잇_다” will be operated as an open cultural space to support university members and community exhibition activities.

 Until February 20, the gallery held a planning exhibition, "We will be with the winners of the Kunsan University Photo Contest," and displayed all-time winners and this year's winners, starting in 2018. Kunsan University holds an annual "photo contest with the region" and held the 8th contest in 2020. Kunsan University Museum has deployed heat checkers and guide personnel during viewing hours, and operates social distancing and quarantine as a top priority. You can watch it from 10 to 17 on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and it will be pre-booked on Saturdays and Sundays.

 Lastly, let's find out about the precautions when viewing the museum. First of all, food is prohibited from entering the museum's exhibition room and pets other than guide dogs are prohibited. And you have to turn off the phone or vibrate it. All areas of the museum are non-smoking areas and should refrain from touching or damaging artifacts on display. Also, you can take pictures in the exhibition room, but you can't use the flash or tripod, so please pay attention to this.


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