Do You Know About The Health Facilities In Our University?

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- Introducing the Health Care Center and the Blood Donation House.

▲ Blood Donation House in our university / Source : Kim Kyung joo, lressori Dad

 Do you know about the health care facilities in our university? Let’s find out. The Health Care Center and the Blood Donation Center that provided basic health services to our university students and faculties. The Blood Donation House is an institution that people or students can donate blood to save precious lives.

 First, the Health Care Center is located on the third floor of our 2nd University Student’s Hall. The Health Care Center is situated inside the Student Support Department of The Kunsan University students’ office to contribute to the health care and health hygiene of our university students and faculties.

 Our university Health Care Center operates health care and care programs, basic administration, health counseling, health promotion and prevention. It also performs basic clinical tests such as blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity and provides first-aid kit for students and faculties as well. The health care program analyses body fat and body type. Body type coordinates with internal fat through in-body 4.0 measurements and stress tests. It also conducts stress measurements and arteriosclerosis tests.

 The Blood Donation House. Blood donation means healthy people can donate blood with consideration for others who are threatened with health issue and life due to lack of one or more blood ingredients or substances. The Blood Donation House is a place where people can visit and donate blood, and The Korean Red Cross established it in each region to receive blood supply stably and increase self-sufficiency.

 It is located underground of our 1st University Student’s Hall. It has advanced ingredient blood collection device and resting room that provides comfort for the donors, and can donate whole blood and plasma. In order to donate blood, you must make a reservation in advance and visit the place and it is impossible to make a reservation on the same day. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm and close from 12 pm to 1:30 pm on weekdays.

 Safe blood donation is possible if you follow the precautions before and after blood donation posted on the web site of The Korean Red Cross Blood Management Headquarters. Therefore, it would be very meaningful to participate in saving lives through blood donation.

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