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- The modern Korean dietary culture these days

 Due to COVID-19, the largest parts of our everyday life activities have changed. One of this is our eating habits or food culture. New culture and ways have emerged. Those people who usually enjoy to eat out chose to buy variety of food ingredients and cook at home in order to avoid close contact with other people outside. One kind of recent food we buy is called “Meal Kit”. Its name derives from the words “meal” and “kit.” It can also be called “cooking box” or “recipe box.” The ingredients of “meal kit” have many different kinds base on the food you want to cook or make. The advantage of it is easy and instant to cook. You can also mix with other fresh ingredients and seasoning you have at home. Unlike home-made food.

 Since the ingredients are all cleaned and vacuum-packed, you may worried less about additional food hygiene. Meal kits, that recently served are recipes from famous chefs. They will also provide more diverse and high-quality foods at home. No need for delivery service. Since you can cook at home so it's an optimal product for busy modern people and people who live alone.

 However there are many problems related to it. The price of this food is high but the expiration date is short. One of the biggest problem is the packaging. Most of the ingredients are individually packed. All of these packaging containers are disposable. And because of the nature of this meal kit, the ingredients have to be kept fresh and delivered, so they use thermos and refrigerants. These wastes cannot be recycled. And the amount of garbage can harm the environment.

 So I hope that this system of making this product can be improve for the good of the environment and consumers.

 There are ways to minimize going out to eat, what you want, but when you go out sometimes, we can see people eating alone to reduce contact with people around them. These people are known as the "Honbab“

 Previously, people tended to eat alone on their own will, but due to COVID-19, more and more people solved the quarantine rules alone. With the recent increase in the number of "Honbab people," restaurants have also created "Honbab Zone" to meet customers' requests by installing partitions. so that they can enjoy their meal comfortably without worrying. In addition, the delivery app also created a separate category for one person. Creating a plan for the Honbab people who could not easily order because of the large amount of 2 or 3 servings is previously provided. The existing of social perception was that there were fewer people who liked eating alone in the past, but as time goes by more people get used to eat alone. The social perception is changing. So I hope that the environment for the "Honbab“ family will be well established. During the time of social distancing. New culture has emerged. The dietary culture is changing. We have learned about "meal kit" and "Honbap." I hope that until the end of COVID-19, we have to maintain social distancing so we can go back to normal activity and enjoy eating together happily.

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