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- Professor Yosup Kim, listed in Marquis Who’s Who

 Professor Yosup Kim, the Faculty of Basic Liberal Arts at Kunsan University was on the list for the 2021 edition of ‘Marquis Who's Who in America.’ in recognition of his outstanding research achievements. This is the second time that he was listed because he had been listed in the 'Marquis Who's Who in the World’. Recently, he is not only researching English and American literature, but also Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese literature. He is also conducting research on ecological literature related to bees and wasps. With this contribution, he was registered in the Americas, 'Marquis Who's Who' this year. So, what is Marquis Who's Who? This time, let's take a look at Marquis Who's Who.

 Marquis Who's Who is a private publishing house based in New Jersey U.S.A. It is one of the three major biographical institutions founded in 1899 by American publisher Albert Nelson Marquis to create records that preserve American traditions. Each year, Candidates are selected based each field and their profiles and achievements are listed. Marquis Who's. Who publishes 15 books regularly, and distributes to different eras and specialty. the books are often used as a reference document in libraries and universities. According to Marquis, the main purpose of the publication is to collect information on the lives of those who greatly contribute to the development of the state and society. Forbes and The New York Times have been interested to Marquis's flagship publication Who's Who in America. Recently, a database is produced to receive personal information by entering a resume through the homepage.

 This day, the view of Marquis Who’s Who is a bit different. Recently, there are many types of Who’s Who, there are some doubt about the selection process and objectivity, concerning about the commerciality of Who’s Who publication. For example, Professor Jeongho Lee of the Department of English at Seoul National University received a call from Marquis Who’s Who. Saying “‘If you revise the personal information that was listed last time, I will give you a discount on the price when you purchase a directory that has been up loaded this year”. In addition to this the “Professor's Newspaper” introduced cases of professors who were confused after being listed in Who’s Who regardless of their achievements. When selecting professors or scholars to post after Who's Who, there was a speculation to purchase the books.

 However, being named after Marquis Who’s Who is a great honor. It's an achievements of one’s field. Professors and scholars in the United States and Western countries proudly state the fact that their names were given after various Marquis Who’s Who in their introductions. Currently, Professor Yosup Kim is the second time this year, as mentioned earlier. I hope that not only Professor Yosup Kim but also other people will be named after Marquis Who’s Who to raise the status of Korea.

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